Columbia Square 
Maintenance Association

Frequently Asked Questions
I lost my pool key.  How can I get another one?
  Because all the areas such as the basketball courts, swimming pools, volleyball court, and tennis courts are maintained by the University Town Center master association, you would need to contact Keystone Pacific Management at (949) 833-2600.
I've lost my mailbox key.  How can I get it replaced?
  All of the mailboxes are properties of the US Postal Service but the individual locks can be replaced.  You would have to make arrangements with the mail carrier to have the mailbox opened and the locks are easily replaceable.  The mailbox locks can be purchased from a hardware store such as Home Depot or Ace Hardware.  Be sure to check what direction the lock turns.
I have a sofa/couch, a table, and some other stuff that won't fit in the trash bins.  Is there someone to call to get rid of these items?
  Yes!  Extraordinarily large, bulky items that cannot fit in the dumpsters need to be hauled away separately.  Please contact ProActive Professional Management at (949) 346-9999 to schedule for a hauler. 
I have all these soda cans, plastic bottles, and newspaper that I would like to recycle, but I don't want to put them into the regular dumpster.  Are there any recycling bins?
  Absolutely.  There are designated recycling bins that are located in most of the parking lots near you.  Some new signs will be made so that the recycling bins would be easily identifiable, but if you need help locating the recycling bins, please contact ProActive Professional Management and they will help you locate the one nearest to you.
I am planning to do some remodeling within my unit.  Do I need approval?
  Yes.  Any type of remodeling that includes moving gas and water lines, adding a bathroom, any work along a dividing wall between you and your neighbors, replacing an AC unit, replacing windows, or adding a security screen door, would require an Architectural Change Application form to be submitted.  The Architectural Committee will then review your request at the next board meeting.  Note that you also may require permit(s) from the city.  You can get an Architectural Change Application by contacting ProActive Professional Management at (949) 346-9999 or you can download it here.  If you are not sure whether the work would require an application form, please call ProActive to check.
My neighbors have been loud and are partying until 4:00 a.m every night.  What can I do?
  The only thing you can do would be to call Irvine Police to file a complaint.  Of course, sometimes the problem may be solved by merely talking to your neighbor(s) about it.  But if that's not the best recourse, then you would have to contact the Police, preferably while the nuisance is happening.  Some people have been filing complaints with ProActive Professional Management, however, since we are not an apartment complex, ProActive Professional Management cannot enforce rules upon people who are causing a public disturbance.