Columbia Square 
Maintenance Association

What's New

The time for annual election is just around the corner.  The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 23, 2016 starting at 10:00 am at the offices of ProActive Professional Management.

Accurate Voting Services is the company who will be processing the ballots, and will be mailing a Meeting Notice, Candidates Statement, and ballot materials with voting instructions to each homeowner.  It is important that you complete the ballot materials as per the instructions provided and mail your ballot back as soon as possible.  A minimum quorum must be established in order to hold the Annual Meeting, which means at least 87 ballots must be returned (50% of homeowners).

If the minimum number of ballots is not received, it will cost the Association (homeowner's money) additional money to send out another notice the following month to meet quorum.  Please help keep our expenses to a minimum and mail back your ballot today even if you are not voting!

If you need another copy of your ballot or have questions or concerns, please contact Accurate Voting Services at 949-588-8500, or you may email them at


As you have noticed, there have been several trees that have been removed in our community.  But don't worry!  Trees that have been removed have been the result of careful planning and examination by our certified arborist, TreeCo.  These trees have been marked as potential hazards, whether they are diseased, or have a potential of breaking and falling, or can potentially cause water line damage.  New species will be introduced, as the community only has five species comprising about 80% of the population.

Columbia Square has contracted TreeCo to implement a "Community Forest Management Plan".  This is a long term plan will basically be replacing and introducing new trees as to ensure that these new trees will grow and mature in time to replace the older trees that are reaching their lifespan in order promote age and species diversity.

We look forward to this progress, as our trees are one of the major assets of this beautiful community.